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The Custom Homes Guru is a full service design-build company, redefining custom homes to match a new lifestyle. You get to choose how involved you are in your project. We are here to build your American dream home.

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American Hill Country Custom Home

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American Hill Country Custom Homes

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The Custom Homes Guru TCHG, has redefined custom homes, from the building process to the specifications. Our outside-the-box thinking has allowed us to come up with our new, “American Hill Country Custom Home”. © TCHG innovative and detailed designs helps to accommodate a new lifestyle layout. Understanding that families are needing more than just a house. Creating an energy-efficient, safe family hub to include extended family and friends while designing a way for everyone to work from home and prepare for the future.
In 2023 because of what our world has become, society has forced us into creating a different lifestyle. Today people are requiring a homestead that provides for all their current and future needs. People are “prepping” for their lifestyles, which meet their family needs.

Whether you are homeschooling, working from home, online business or a mancave shop, we provide home designs for a new way of living. A true custom home is designed for you and your family, no one wants to see a similar house down the street.

TCHG has developed valuable processes for our clients that are not offered by any other builder in the industry! Providing a hands-on
consultation development package, consider this your business plan. TCHG provides specifications for your project that make all the difference in creating our new American Hill Country Custom Home. No one wants surprises and shortcuts are not an option.

Benefits of building with The Custom Homes Guru

Specifications & Selections
Future Tech Planning
Preliminary Estimating
Thermal Imaging
Next Generation Design
3rd Party Inspection
SPEED Process

The Custom Homes Guru is here to build your; “American Hill Country Custom Home” ©.

Detachable living quarters 🔷 Indoor/outdoor living 🔷 Generational designs 🔷 Working from home 🔷 Ranch & Hunting 🔷 Venue Living 🔷 Safe Rooms 🔷 Security 🔷 Ultimate Garage & Detached Shop 🔷 Income Rental 🔷 Studio’s 🔷 Butlers Pantries 🔷 Walk-In-Freezers 🔷 LV wiring 🔷 Rain-Water-Collection 🔷 Sourcing Room 🔷 Social-Media Office 🔷 Property Perimeter Security 🔷 Whole house generator 🔷 Cigar & Whiskey Lounge 🔷 Social Media Office

Living the American Dream…

We all have worked hard, saved and planned so that one day we would settle on that beautiful Texas land that you can call home, that is the American Dream. In 2023, because of what our world has become has forced us into creating a different lifestyle. Today people are wanting a homestead that brings awareness to their surroundings. Purchasing a lot so that their neighbors are not looking into their windows and creating privacy. Security is at the top of everyone’s mind, not only securing the inside but the perimeter of your land that is linked to your cell phone and security room. Americans are living differently in 2023 creating plans for family members to live with them along with sustainability and preparing for the future. The Custom Homes Guru has become a specialist in perfecting these unique features in and around your home.

There are no standard features in a custom home, which is why specifications are crucial in the process. It is important to, Tricia Montgomery to work with you on planning and building your home. Handing you off to several different people is how mistakes are made, not to mention what that puts clients through in the process. That is why creating a boutique type of firm is important.

Relocating from another state or you have been here and are finally ready to start the process of designing your dream home, TCHG is here to exceed your vision for your dream home.

Lot + Site Work + House = Total Project Cost

This simple formula will help you to determine some of the estimating for your total project cost. TCHG is here to help you put those numbers together.

The Custom Homes Guru provides more than what is required by Texas. That is why we do not have self-inspections; we pay to provide 12-3rd party inspections for your project. This is done by a certified Engineering company; we encourage our clients to walk with inspectors to see the process.

There are no standard features in a custom home, people come to builders for us to inform you of what we feel is crucial in your new custom home. If a builder does not inform you that wiring for a future generator is at the top of the list, RUN!! Currently, cities are even informing people that our power grid is not stable. You should not have to inform a builder that this is a feature you are wanting to add to your home.

We understand that it might be easier to move into a pre-existing house, but they will not have the energy efficiency or layouts of today. That is why we are now offering in 2023 complete remodels for those who choose to stay in their current homes.

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