One-of-a-Kind Builder

The Custom Homes Guru has created a one of a kind building process that has options. Creating new home designs from even 3 years ago, giving home owners options on the build process has proven to be a success. Dealing with the same person throughout the project brings a security and peace of mind during the building of your dream home. Especially here in Texas, energy efficiency and security is high on the list of features. Building a unique home for your life style with the features you have been dreaming of is important to us.

We are here for you from conception to completion.

Being a builder that knows your project and what is going on is more important to us than growing a big company. So having you repeat your request more than one person is not our goal for you in building your home. This is a long journey and their will be many choices. Find out more about who we are and how we are here to serve you in this one of a kind home.

The Custom Homes Guru has a set of unique features that set us apart from other custom home builders. It does not matter which one of our programs you choose to build your home, all features apply.

  • Free Early Project Consultation – building a home is a long process.  We are not just wanting to meet with you just to bid out your house. Having so many decisions to make prior to purchasing your lot, much less designing your home. TCHG would like to meet with you when you are initially thinking about doing the process.  We can either have a face to face meeting or Zoom conference.
  • Free Build On Your Lot seminars – During this time information will be presented to learn about recent building practices and product review.  You are about to make one of the largest investments in your life, yet you have no idea on where to even start about this new project.  Whether you are going to have us build your custom home or owner builder program, you need knowledge.  Also mix & mingle with others who are building with TCHG and others who are going through the same process. Please visit our events page to see listing of classes and enroll.  Many new classes will be added.
  • Free Site Analysis – TCHG are not realtors, so we are not looking for the commission of your lot.  Knowing how to evaluate the lot, house placement, slope & terrain are all important factors in choosing your lot. Will you be looking at a $50K or $100K foundation? This number is used in the budgeting of your new home.
  • Specification Sheet 800© –Questionnaire spread sheet to include pre-construction cost, products, appliances, vendors, sizes, pricing, pictures, and other house details.
  • Preliminary Estimate – TCHG has created a 5 page in depth itemized estimate for owner to have an understanding of the numbers needed for budgeting and plans.
  • S.P.E.E.D. Process© –Strategic | Planning | Education | Execute | Deliver. Collaborating with you to determine custom features and your must haves for your plan.
  • “Future Tech Home Design” ©These are home designs with integrated features in your new home.   Time to considered for the next phase of life. As our world changes, we are forced to live a new way, while implementing new security features in our homes.  Creating more than just a smart house, this is to include generators, security rooms, gun rooms, security inside and perimeter of your home.
  • Next Generation Design ©– This has to do with water filtration systems, rain water harvesting, clean air, future space, compound development, ranches, homes for businesses, electric car charging stations.
  • 15 Third-Party Building Inspections – Having a job foreman inspect the construction of your home is different than a certified inspector who does not work as an employee of the company.  Since most contractors do not have to be licensed here in Texas, TCHG feels that it is best to have a certified inspection.
  • Client Online Project Management App — This allows our clients to not only communicate with us but the contractors.  The app allows you to see what stage is next in your home.   This is to include pictures, project lay out, gnat charts, contractor information, contracts at your fingertips. Click here to view a sample

Lot + Site Cost + House =
Total Project Cost

No one has a money tree growing on their lot! People go in setting the expectations of the price of the house and not the price of the project. Through our free site evaluation we can give you an idea of the site cost for your project which will help you calculate the budget for a turn-key build.



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